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At JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, we treat our clients with integrity and respect and believe that our work speaks for itself. With that philosophy in mind, our building process starts with you – your dreams, your family’s needs, and your future.

Our professional design team can take your favorite finishes, wood, paint, and windows and turn them into any modern style you’re looking for, from practical and traditional to ornate and luxurious. Whether this is your first custom-built house or your fourth, there’s always room to explore new trends or change your personal aesthetic, and at JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, we can help you achieve your ideal home.

Your project at JOHN ROBB Custom Homes starts with a detailed consultation to determine your overall project goals and requirements. Before any work begins, a survey of the area is completed so we can determine the best materials, processes, and techniques to accommodate your needs.

Our building process starts from the ground up, giving you an opportunity at each phase to adjust the process, add or change your floor plan, or simply visit the site to see the progress with your own eyes. We only work with the best in the business – our years of experience and day-to-day engagement with professional suppliers and subcontractors will help to ensure that your home design is the best it can possibly be.

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    Here’s what our building process looks like, step by step:

    Plan Design Meeting

    • Review Home Placement on Lot

    • Special Features of the Home

    • Layout & Door Sizes

    • Customized Features Review

    Post Framing Walk

    • Walk Home to Review Any Changes

    • Discuss Placement of Lights, Outlets, TV Boxes

    • Review Trim Placement

    • Review Deck or Patio Placement

    • Review Schedule Through Completion of Home

    • Questions for Builder

    Pre-Closing Walk

    • Walk Home to Confirm Home is 100% Complete

    • Review Operations of The Home

    • Review Home Owner Maintenance Requirements

    • Review Warranty and Warranty Procedures

    1-Year Post Closing Walk

    • Review Home Performance With Client

    • Minor Adjustments Made in Home

    • Answer any questions about your home

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    If you have any questions regarding our organization or the services we can provide, we invite you to contact our team today.