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Ultimately your wants, needs, and budget will determine how green your home is built. The fact is - due to additional inspections, testing, certifications and the costs for higher-performance materials - The greener the home, the more it will cost to build. It is your choice as to how green to go - and specifically what green features you want to use in your home.

How green will your home be?

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A new building construction Outside view of the newly renovate house shadow

JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. is committed to working closely with its vendors, suppliers and contractors to ensure we remain as green as possible while maintaining cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Included in every home we build are sound, industry proven, green building features such as:

So what does JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. do?

Let us help you build the energy-efficient home of your dreams.

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There is no simple method or formula for building a green home. Building green takes into account many different principles. Energy, water & resource efficiency, home design, eco-friendly site management and even indoor air quality are all factors in building a green home.

  • Energy Star appliances

  • High efficiency heat and air systems

  • High efficiency water heater

  • Water saving appliances & plumbing fixtures

We also include several High Performance materials and building techniques during the construction of your home that are designed to significantly reduce your energy costs.

But we do more...much more...