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Dear Prospective Homeowners,


As previous Virginia residents, my husband and I were anxious to return from Michigan to familiar faces and familiar places. We were at a point in our lives when we were financially in a position to build our retirement home with all the dreams perks.  After locating a beautiful waterfront lot in rural Spotsylvania County, we set out to find the perfect custom homebuilder. We figured living in Michigan while building a home in Virginia was surely a headache in the making. Finding the right builder would require more than him/her having tremendous building ability, it would require a personality that could meet the challenges of two type-A individuals who expected nothing less than perfection.  After searching the Internet, observing pictures, spending countless hours discussing the choices and time spent in prayer, we decided to make a trip to Fredericksburg and arranged for an appointment to meet Robbie Brown of JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. and ascertain whether or not he was someone that we could trust with our dreams and our finances from so far away.


What a blessing to find ourselves sitting across the desk from Robbie Brown. My husband I felt so comfortable in sharing our concerns and plans for our future home.  Robbie took all the time needed to answer question, relieve fears and reassure us that JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. could handle our unusual circumstances and expectations. We left the office on top of the world and ready to get started.  


Unfortunately, the unpredictable Virginia weather dashed our hopes for an early move in date but once the foundation was in place, things started to happen quickly. Being a woman who has her hand in any and everything that has to do with her home, I was constantly emailing, calling or texting Robbie with thoughts, ideas and changes. They were ALWAYS countered with a friendly response from a man who I believed and still believe would move Heaven and earth make everything right for his clients – I can’t say enough about the respect and admiration that I have for Robbie and folks at JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc.


Fortunately for me, and perhaps unfortunately for JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc., our home in Michigan sold in record time and I was able to move in with my daughter and son-in-law during the finals months of construction. I was at the building site everyday (sometimes twice a day) making sure everything was as I wanted and progressing at a rate I found acceptable. The closer it got to completion the more impatient I became because I simply couldn't wait to be in our beautiful home.  And again, Robbie was there to listen to me grip and complain with never a harsh word for me...only encouragement and praise. Move-in day came before I knew it!  Every newly constructed home comes with a few flaws and our home was no different.  What was different was that every step was taken to immediately correct the very few issues in the house and it was done in a timely manner. All issues were resolved not considered complete until I was happy. Having built a few homes in the past, I know this is NOT the norm but something that sets JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. apart from the rest.


We have been in our home for several months and it truly is our castle.  To some it may appear to be just a house, but for us it is a masterpiece and we have our builder to thank for that.  We hope and pray this is our last home but if plans change and we build again, we know who to contract...JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc.


-Alicia Freeman Moody


We searched for a builder and had chosen one to build a retirement home for us. But due to circumstances, it became abundantly clear that we could not proceed. But our energy and time was not wasted. We were led in another direction and we came to select JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. to build for us. We cannot express enough gratitude to your company in how you led us step-by-step through the building process. Your reassurance on how things would be done – the willingness to help us when we felt stretched beyond limits – you simplified tasks and kept the enthusiasm, and guided us to build a unique and lovely dream home. We appreciate how adaptable your company was in making changes and adding enhancements to our home that we would not have thought of doing. We could see that every step was done with precision. The beauty of your hard work is reflected throughout our home. We give praise to God for leading us to your company. We thank you for fulfilling our dream and for the professional virtue you placed in the building of our home. God Bless.


-Larry and Jeanie Meadows


JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. of Fredericksburg, Virginia continues their reputation of being #1 in this area. They recently completed our new home in Montross, Virginia. It was the most pleasant experience we've ever had in having a new home built. Once construction began it continued without interruption through completion in only three months. The attitude of the builder as well as their employees and sub-contractors was one of doing whatever possible to oblige us and make everything right. They do what they say they are going to do – no empty promises. Other contractors we have had experiences with pale in comparison to JOHN ROBB Custom Homes Inc.'s desire to work to the highest level of their ability. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom home builder. They will not disappoint you. You are guaranteed a quality product built in a friendly, honest and very professional atmosphere. JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. is the best.


-Lucy and Bill Marker


As first time homebuyers, we had heard a lot of horror stories about building a brand new home, but JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. made every aspect of the homebuilding process as painless as possible. We are very pleased with the quality, detail and craftsmanship that went into our new home. Both John and Robbie went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks guys for talking my wife and me out of buying a foreclosure!


-Bryan and Courtney Thompson


You often hear horror stories of people building a house. However, I could not have asked for a better experience. I will forever appreciate the hard work, dedication, effort, flexibility, craftsmanship, and care JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. put into making my ENERGY STAR house a beautiful home. By the way, my first electric bill was $41.00! Perhaps the best thing anyone can say about a builder is "I'd build with them again anytime" Thank you John and Robbie for a job well done and a home that exceeded my expectations!


-Tiffany Dove


As my wife and I were considering moving to the area we looked at several homes, including numerous foreclosures. Not being able to find what we wanted, we decided to look into building a house. After looking around at different builders, we chose JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. as our builder. Why? JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. allowed us the unlimited flexibility to adjust the floor plan to fit our family needs. Another reason we chose JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. was “the extras” the other builder wanted charged for were included in our home with JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. as standards. How flexible is JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc? About 10 days into the design phase of our home, we decided to completely change EVERYTHING! We went back to square-one in looking for the right floor plan. Surprisingly, Robbie had no problems with our decision and went right to work designing what we described. After a few meetings to tweak our plans, we arrived at the layout we wanted. During the building process we visited our home site on a regular basis, even making changes AS WE WERE BUILDING! Robbie Brown and John Hall were there to walk us through every phase, patiently answering any and all questions about our home. What was the best part? Our realtor and her assistant had told us there is no way to expect that your house will be done in the time frame given. They had never seen a house completed on time. Usually 4-6 months LATER is a good estimate. We signed in late April and Robbie assured us that we would be having Thanksgiving dinner in our new home. To my realtor’s surprise, JOHN ROBB Custom Homes Inc. completed our beautiful new home the first week of November! We were obviously able to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner at our new home thanks to JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc. To anyone looking for extremely high quality work and a fair price we strongly recommend JOHN ROBB Custom Homes, Inc.


-Michael and Dee Lavendusky

King George, VA


Our goal at JOHN ROBB Custom Homes is to deliver a home that you will be proud of for a lifetime.

We will be.


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